We offer many different room categories to meet your personal needs.
37 single and double rooms and one apartamentthat can accomodate at once up to 50 guests in standard.
The function of additional bed is also available. The hotel can then accomodate up to 60 people.

The perfect blend of traditional and contemporary design.
Since 2012 we have been sucessfully renovating our rooms and other hotel facilities.
The guest and his personal needs are at the centre of our attention so this year we menaged to renovate not only
the ground floor but also the first and the second floor.
We cater for the guests needs so the renovation plan of all our rooms hopefully would contribute to class 1 which include
newly renovated modernised and better equipped.

We provide the best cleaning service. We endure our room not only to be neat and tidy but also cosy with comfortable beds.
Fell invited for the peacefull and pure sleep…

♦♦♦ The hotel is non-smoking, ♦♦♦
the fracture can result in charging a financial penalty of 500, – PLN.

Smoking is only allowed outside the building.
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